Mystical Union with Christ in Daily Life – Episode 8

The Sorrowful Mysteries – Part 2: Communion with Jesus means becoming Eucharist. In the Mystery of The Crucifixion, we are dying to our own desires as we prepare for resurrection. United to Jesus in his Passion, our sufferings become redemptive. St. Ignatius of Antioch said, "I am the wheat of Christ, ground by the teeth of beasts to become pure bread." In our sufferings, we become Eucharist (the Bread of Christ), a sign of the true presence of Jesus in the world. But we need to rest to keep persevering.

Originally recorded as a live retreat in New Zealand, the 10-part series “Mystical Union with Christ in Daily Life uses the Mysteries of the Rosary to help you rise to new heights of faith, hope and love.

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